• Follow artist BNS from the street to the studio

    Meet Street Artist Mariano known by his tag BNS. In this video you will get to know the artist a little better and find our what inspires this creative mind. Follow BNS  from the streets that inspire him to the studio where he works on his striking creations.


  • Artist Gabriel Moreno at work - time lapse

    Discover how artist Gabriel Moreno carefully draws to create one of his fascinating works. In this time lapse you see one of his drawings as it is being created in the artist studio.


  • Artist Carley Cornelissen working on an outdoor mural commission

    Discover how artist Carley Cornelissen created a large outdoor commission, a mural featuring her signature style exploring nature and animal species that may be endangered.


  • Behind the scenes with Lantomo - the making of 'Fighter'

    In this time lapse, you can see artist Lantomo working on her drawing 'Fighter' an original drawing she has created in her studio.
  • New Launch: Artist Lantomo has a new work 'Mizaru'

    Artist Lantomo has just released a new work titled 'Mizaru' that she created during the lockdown period. Watch this time lapse to see how Lantomo created this beautiful portrait.

  • Explore Stefan Yordanov's sculptures in a recent exhibition

    Walk through one of the recent exhibitions of artist Stefan Yordanov's sculptures at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

    “In my artistic work I am looking for TRANSFORMATION of life forms…creating hybrids which give a surprising view on our possible future. Human and animal anatomy have an important place in my artistic research. Therefore I am interested in the transformation process of the physical remains of a creature: its skull or skeleton would light up brightly in my sculpture, ‘breading’ new energy…”

  • Ice Ice.... A playful video by Betsy Enzensberger on the origins of 'You're the Bomb'

    This playful video shows a melting popsicle right by Betsy Enzensberger's popular creation 'You're the Bomb', hinting at the sources of inspiration for this popular Californian artist who's become known all over the world for her highly realistic, larger-than-life sculptures of dripping, frozen treats and other sweet-toothed delights.
  • Juan Miguel Palacios interviewed by NY1 TV (in Spanish)

    In this video, Spanish-born artist Juan Miguel Palacios who is now based in New York speaks to NY1 TV (in Spanish) about his experience of moving from Madrid to NYC and setting up his studio in Bushwick. He shares how he feels a greater sense of freedom in his artistic practice and how for him, painting acts as a refuge.


  • Escaping Gravity, a kinetic sculpture by Stefan Yordanov

    One of artist Stefan Yordanov's kinetic sculptures 'Escaping Gravity' was on show at the North Sea Jazz Festival exhibition and you can now see this short film featuring the work in motion.
  • Discover what inspires artist Carley Cornelissen

    Discover how artist Carley Cornelissen finds inspiration in this time lapse showing her sketchbook full of some of her iconic motifs from local flora to birds, foxes, squirrels, hares, panda bears, and flamingoes that often appear on her works.

  • Artist Minas Halaj Lockdown Special

    My proudest moment during lockdown has been… although the world stopped, I was proud that I could spend my entire day working in my studio. Usually, I spent my weekends going out and relaxing, visiting my friends, spending time at the local bar where there were always great performers with beautiful musicians. Due to pandemic lowdown, in the blink of an eye everything disappeared so I am now much more likely to spend time at the studio than at the regular normal days.
  • It is 'Pour Day' at Betsy Enzensberger's Studio

    In this video artist Betsy Enzensberger shows us how 'the magic happens' as she mixes her resin and various materials to create her delicious sculptures. Go behind the scenes with Betsy to discover the work involved in creating those irresistible lollipops and popsicles that the artist has become known for.