• Context Art Miami returns with a Special online edition Dec 01-20, 2020

    We are thrilled to be heading back to Miami Art Week this year, even if its´ only our cyber selves. But this is a great way for our collectors to p...
  • Explore 'Changing Moods' one of Stefan Yordanov's wall based light sculptures

    Explore 'Changing Moods', one of artist artist Stefan Yordanov's  newest wall-based kinetic sculptures where the colour of the unicorn's body fluctuate from pink and purple to blue and green tones.
  • The making of Betsy Enzensberger's large popsicle

    This playful video shows artist Betsy Enzensberger  working on one of her large scale sculptures and hinting at the sources of inspiration for this popular Californian artist who's become known all over the world for her highly realistic, larger-than-life sculptures of dripping, frozen treats and other sweet-toothed delights.

  • DAGOR a prominent street artist and muralist joins Retrospect Galleries

    We are thrilled to welcome to the Retrospect community DAGOR, a leading figure in Venezuelan Street Art. DAGOR's practice has transported his ongoing research in geometric abstraction and typography to paintings on canvas, wood assemblages and Muralist interventions which he has carried out in cities all over the world.
  • Discover how artist Juan Miguel Palacio uses layering to create 'Hyena'

    Experience the fascinating 3D effect of Juan Miguel Palacios' multi panel painting Hyena

    Spanish born artist Juan Miguel Palacios was raised in a matriarchal household in Madrid, Spain and he is now based in New York.

  • Behind the scenes with Lantomo - Drawing in the Studio time lapse

    Discover artist Lantomo at work in her studio as she experiments with wood, a warm and unique material, using tools and aesthetics belonging to the contemporary illustration including pencil, charcoal, acrylics and inks.
  • Gavin Mitchell hand embellishes 'Miss November'

    Explore how Gavin Mitchell hand embellishes his works using a variety of techniques including gold leaf, hand painting and drawing to add wonderful textures to the works he has captured through photography and other techniques.
  • New sculptures and lightboxes by Paco Raphael

    Artist and designer Paco Raphael has been working non-stop this summer creating a series of new sculptures as well as an ongoing series of light boxes where he brings indoors a feature that is traditional of outdoor industrial lighting.
  • Artist Allison M. Low joins us from Singapore

    Singapore-based artist Allison M. Low is fascinated by the human condition and she works primarily as an image maker and her practice has recently expanded into the fields of murals, installation art and digital projections. 
  • Introducing: Sonia Alins

    “The inspiration to create my Dones d’Aigua (Water Women) series came from several elements that had been captivating me for some time. Possibly, the main one was the work of Yves Klein and his blue sponges: I feel a hypnotic attraction to them and the spiritual depth that they suggest to me."

    Sonia Alins

  • Discover the wonderful hand embellished works by Gavin Mitchell

    Explore Monster Book for Girls in this video which shows the wonderful textures created by Gavin Mitchell whose works are characterised by hand embellishing  using a variety of techniques including gold leaf, hand painting and drawing.
  • Get a closer look at 'Bambi Twins' a sculpture by Stefan Yordanov

    Explore 'Bambi Twins' a recent sculpture by artist Stefan Yordanov where he uses some of the materials that make his work so distinctive: skulls, LED lights and other materials from daily life.