Discover how artist Juan Miguel Palacio uses layering to create 'Hyena'

Experience the fascinating 3D effect of Juan Miguel Palacios' multi panel painting Hyena

Spanish born artist Juan Miguel Palacios was raised in a matriarchal household in Madrid, Spain and he is now based in New York. He often begins painting on thin panels of vinyl using industrial, oil-based house paint. The vinyl is later layered over a slab of battered drywall. Juan Miguel states, “I use a wall, hard and heavy, as a symbol of a stable structure but constant aggressions have destroyed it.” Juan Miguel uses any means available to break the drywall: anything from a hammer to his own feet is fair game. He polishes the edges of the cavities with a blowtorch and further solidifies the damage with a polyester foam resin. Then, he returns to the vinyl painting and warps the work with paint thinner, even sometimes scratching at the image with his nails.