Manifiesto a la Reconstrucción: New paintings by Monica Fernandez

Retrospect Galleries are pleased to present a new body of work by Mexican artist Monica Fernandez that she has called 'Manifiesto a la Reconstrucción' (Manifesto for Reconstruction). This is a series she started in 2020 during (and in response to) the lockdown and that she describes as follows:

"The works I present here are part of "Manifiesto a la Reconstrucción", a series that I began during the first lockdown when we were isolating at home as my husband and son had both tested positive for Covid-19.

I put together a series of prints that I had made in the past and broke them into pieces to reconstruct a new artwork, one that alludes to the process of creation of a new being as it recovers from the wounds that life inflicts. Through the inspiration of scraps of paper began to paint, a process of reconstruction and transformation, while, at the same time, I had to take care of my family during lockdown.

Manifesto to Reconstruction is a very personal series where I pay tribute to the Japanese practice of Kintsugi that is based on repairing fractures in a way that makes the scars beautiful."