Retrospect Gallery is Byron Bay’s premier fine art gallery, renowned for presenting cutting edge works from established and emerging Australian artists and designers. We coordinate an exciting annual program of exhibitions, supported by artist talks, workshops and discussions and are continually showcasing new works and introducing fresh talent from around the country.

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You are an artist or know one?
Retrospect Galleries is currently looking for new artists to take on.
So if you are talented and have an artist CV ready please email us!

Send some photos of your recent works + the CV to:

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Gabriel and the designer Ion Fiz have handcrafted the collection Aftersun for MBFW. Aftersun is a mixed collection inspired by the sea. The collection is based on light materials such as silk and cotton and is decorated using marine and coral tones. Gabriel’s work uses subtle strokes that simulate waves and …

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There are stories that have to be told (with salty tongues); from the hidden depths to the open expanses of endless seas. Come sail with the sirens and sailors, monsters and Vikings on the tempestuous and every-changing ocean swells.

This exhibition will be all about the ocean and the myths and stories around it.