Introducing: Sonia Alins

We are pleased to introduce a new artist to the Retrospect community, Sonia Alins...

Sonia is based in Lleida, Spain and she is an illustrator and artist focused on the creation of pieces of art (often three-dimensional) with a poetic narrative of a surreal nature with which she addresses her feelings, desires, dreams and nightmares. Sonia makes extensive use of the human figure (mostly feminine) and, at the same time, she explores the expressiveness of elements such as transparency and blur.

Sonia has written about the themes that inspire her, in particular her ongoing 'Dones d'Aigua' (Water Women) series.

“The inspiration to create my Dones d’aigua (Water Women) series came from several elements that had been captivating me for some time. Possibly, the main one was the work of Yves Klein and his blue sponges: I feel a hypnotic attraction to them and the spiritual depth that they suggest to me. Joseph Cornell’s box-shaped collages were also fundamental and really inspiring to me: I feel connected to his dreamlike, surreal, vision of reality, and the poetry in his works: he is the reason why Dones d’aigua are tridimensional collages. Miguel Barceló and his references to the sea were an inspiration to me too. And Jaume Plensa, with his poetic sculptures. I should mention Goya too, whose work I consider a recurring reference in my life.

Apart from that, I love poetry as a medium of expression and I like that my artworks feel like visual poems. There’s the last reference, which comes from the popular culture in Catalonia, where I was born: The Dones d’Aigua are mythological beings that live in waterfalls, lakes, and rivers (a kind of water spirit) and are linked to the life cycle, fertility and (especially related to my work) womanhood.”