Explore 'Changing Moods' one of Stefan Yordanov's wall based light sculptures

Explore 'Changing Moods', one of artist artist Stefan Yordanov's  newest wall-based kinetic sculptures where the colour of the unicorn's body fluctuate from pink and purple to blue and green tones.

“In my artistic work I am looking for TRANSFORMATION of life forms…creating hybrids which give a surprising view on our possible future. Human and animal anatomy have an important place in my artistic research. Therefore I am interested in the transformation process of the physical remains of a creature: its skull or skeleton would light up brightly in my sculpture, ‘breading’ new energy… The starting point of my works is a big collection of found natural remains: bones, animal skulls & nature materials…which I combine with sources of energy (light & electricity) in order to give them a new, imaginary ‘life’. Light itself appeals to me as a living material, existing in everyday life objects (bulbs, TV’s, smartphones, etc.), it is a form of energy that you can hold in your hands, a living form.”