Affordable Art Fair Summer Exhibition

We are delighted that Retrospect Galleries artists Betsy Enzensberger and Kareem Rizk have been selected for the Affordable Art Fair Summer Exhibition that takes place between July 23rd and August 9th and brings together artworks from 30 handpicked international artists.

Betsy's realistic, larger-than-life sculptures of dripping, frozen treats, popsicles and other sweet-toothed delights are made in resin, a material that is a source of constant fascination for the artist. Kareem's work is Informed by his background in graphic design, his affinity for typography and his interest in re-purposing printed ephemera, Kareem’s highly-textured and multi-layered works evolve from an intersection where fine art and design cross over.

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Retrospect Galleries at the Hamptons Fine Art Fair

Retrospect Galleries are delighted to be exhibiting in the online section of the prestigious Hamptons Fine Art Fair from August 15th. The Hamptons Fine Art Fair is a celebration of the East End’s vibrant art scene and a much deserved tribute the region’s rich history as a haven for the creation and patronage of art. We look forward to presenting new works by artists including Monica Fernandez, Lantomo, Alberto Sanchez, and more.

The inaugural international fine art fair from the producers of ShowHamptons, it will feature artworks by 70 select national and international galleries, with 51 in-person booths and the remaining exhibiting in online virtual reality booths. For the first time ever, Hamptons Fine Art Fair will take place inside and amongst the beautiful grounds of the historic Southampton Arts Center, a unique opportunity for art lovers and patrons to purchase important works in the museum.

Retrospect Galleries at the Semana Profesional del Arte, Oviedo 4-14 June

Retrospect Galleries are thrilled to have been invited to participate in the inaugural edition of the Semana Profesional del Arte in Oviedo, Spain, 4th - 14th June. Retrospect Galleries will show a selection of new artworks by gallery artists Betsy EnzensbergerGabriel MorenoLantomoMonica Fernandez, and Stefan Yordanov. The Retrospect showcase will be at the Fábrica de Armas de La Vega.

CLICK HERE to preview the Retrospect Galleries showcase in Oviedo.

Mónica Fernández' 'Manifiesto a la Reconstrucción'

Monica Fernandez's latest paintings from her 'Manifiesto a la Reconstrucción' series are on show for the first time in Oviedo:

"The works I present here are part of "Manifiesto a la Reconstrucción" (Manifest for Reconstruction), a series that I began during the first lockdown when we were isolating at home as my husband and son had both tested positive for Covid-19. [It] is a very personal series where I pay tribute to the Japanese practice of Kintsugi that is based on repairing fractures in a way that makes the scars beautiful."

Discover these new striking new paintings on the virtual exhibition 'Manifiesto a la Reconstrucción'

Retrospect Galleries at Art Miami 2020

Art Miami Context 2020

Retrospect Galleries was pleased to be one more year at Art Miami participating in CONTEXT's virtual edition with a selection of new artworks by gallery artists including Minas Halaj, DAGOR, Alberto Sanchez, Gabriel Moreno, and Lantomo.

Gabriel Moreno presented new large scale drawings from his ongoing series 'Queen's Time Out' while Alberto Sanchez showed a new body of work inspired by Miami's distinctive architecture and atmosphere. Lantomo's new portraits show an increasing engagement with contemporary pop culture, from graffiti to emojis.

For more information on our participation in this unusual edition of Art Miami click here.

Retrospect Galleries at Scope Immersive

Scope Immersive, December 2020

Retrospect Galleries participated in the SCOPE IMMERSIVE 2020 Edition with a Viewing Room that showcased new works by gallery artists Monica Fernandez, Minas Halaj, DAGOR, Alberto Sanchez, Gabriel Moreno, and Lantomo.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights, Hamburg Seen by Alberto Sánchez is a new showcase featuring a wide range of images of the northern German city of Hamburg, all created by Spanish / Australian Alberto Sánchez, a photographer and multimedia artist based between Byron Bay and Madrid.

Alberto's practice explores the notions of urban expansionism, capitalism and how individuals see themselves in an increasingly overloaded sensorial environment.

Explore Hamburg through the original lens of multimedia artist Alberto Sanchez here.

Fire Without a Sound

Jorg Karg's latest collection is the result of 15 months of experimentation taking over 8,000 photographs and working with various materials like clay, wire, wood, as well as found objects. 

"Just to name some things, I covered a chair in concrete and glued around 1000 pearls on fabric. I bent candles, grinded stone for weeks and smashed a lot of beautiful ceramics just to photograph the shards. All to finally understand one thing:

“Breaking the boundaries means breaking
my own boundaries in first place.
Dismiss all restrictions. Exhale everything.
Start again.”

OCEANS by Nicole Tijoux

 OCEANS by Nicole Tijoux is a new exhibition featuring the artist's ongoing investigation of the visual transformations that occur when the human figure interacts with water.

“I like to explore ideas such as how the clash of a body and a stream of water creates an optical problem. The way the shape vanishes in the vapor of the water, and the ghostly appearance of the body that can be captured in the photograph or painting." 

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SURF - Seascapes by Alberto Sanchez

In his ongoing series, Surfs, the artist Alberto Sanchez focuses his camera on the beautiful Australian seaside. Working from black and white photographs the artist takes himself in these spectacular scenery, Alberto prints, hacks and re-invents his own images using a unique hand colouring technique, creating his own form of magic realism where photographic documentary is meshed with improbable landscapes.

Discover these wonderful works where classical black and white photography meets Alberto's vibrant palette, and visit SURF.

On the Beach - Rikki Kasso

'On to the Beach' is a new exhibition of works by Byron Bay based American artist Rikki Kasso whose work is characterised by his fluid use of the traditional Japanese technique of Sumi ink. Using this ancient Japanese medium seems perfectly suited to depicting the relaxing atmosphere of beach scenes from this beautiful part of Australia.

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This Was Then, This is Now

This Was Then, This is Now is a new solo exhibition by British artist and photographer Gavin Mitchell. 

Gavin's work is often associated with Pop Art, in particular his iconic Geisha Girl artworks which juxtapose Eastern and Western cultures. His unique take on pop art involves photographing vintage Japanese postcards from the early 20th Century which he then enlarges digitally. In the resulting images, the faded hand-painted watercolours from that Japanese visual culture, are made bolder and brighter by merging them with modern-day Western elements. 

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LONDON, Seen by Alberto Sanchez

London, Seen by Alberto Sánchez is a new solo exhibition featuring a wide range of images of this iconic city all created by Spanish / Australian Alberto Sánchez, a photographer and multimedia artist based between Byron Bay and Madrid.

Alberto's practice explores the notions of urban expansionism, capitalism and how individuals see themselves in an increasingly overloaded sensorial environment.

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Quarantine - Nicole Tijoux

Artist Nicole Tijoux has created a new body of work during the lockdown. She has written about the experience of working in her studio in this unusual times:

Isolation and silence are the words coming up in my mind when I think about and look at the new paintings that I have been working in this quarantine. The deformation of the swimmer is now placed in a different water, more colorful, with other kind of light. This new environment come from dreams that I had, possible places with another climate (not the one that we know) and with another light.

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