Collection: NORTHERN LIGHTS | Hamburg seen by Alberto Sanchez

In his work multimedia artist Alberto Sanchez (Australia/Spain), explores the notions of our human environment, urban expansionism and how individuals define themselves in an overloaded sensorial landscape.

In his recent travels, he has spent time in the German city of Hamburg, taking photographs around the city, capturing unexpected views from the medieval docklands to contemporary architectural landmarks like the Elbphilarmonie (the Elbe Philharmonic Hall) by Herzog & Meuron. 

“The old world of Europe [for example] already has a strong set identity. It has an ancient history with many institutions and charismatic buildings which dominate the landscape. I try and stay away from the icons, yet capture a city that you can recognise.” In modern cities, “I had to figure out the key access points of the city, the major intersections where I could maximise the unity between human and metropolitan interaction.”

Alberto Sanchez’ work is simultaneously an inquiry into the nature and essence of how we perceive the world we live in. His aim is to challenge our perception in order to question our relationship with space and time. By using expressive colours and dynamic brush strokes he transforms the obvious and invites us into his parallel landscapes.

  • Volando Voy | Alberto Sanchez | Photography Installation

    Volando Voy

    Alberto Sanchez / Photography Installation

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