“A free woman embodies courage, challenges, rebelliously sings, masters magic and exhibits madness. A free woman scares fear, because nothing can take her down. Governed freedom is a montage of skills. Those who remain imprisoned will doubt her feat, focusing on her the same scrutiny they have suffered, they have learned well. Once free, she will be judged and excluded. Holding on to that freedom requires the strength of every breath, up to her last. Once discovered, it’s impossible to disguise, to forget, it stands out and guides her among the dust she may rise.”

"You enjoy freedom because you were born on earth, where the wind blows, birds fly and the sea rumbles on a whim. You have already been a rock fronting an impetuous sea. Thunder has revealed and polished wisdom, yours. You grant yourself permission for take-off towards distant dreams, when your warrior spirit demands conquering new crusades."

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