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Inés Iglesias, born in Salamanca in 1978, grew up surrounded by the medieval art of her beautiful hometown. From an early age she found in drawing the way of expressing herself, which suited her introvert and observant personality. That early preference led her to pursue fine arts studies and begun her career in 2001 as an art director in Amsterdam where she developed a great passion for new media especially vj (visual jockey) and video performances. In 2003 she completed a master's degree in web design and visual strategy in Rome, where she subsequently worked for various advertising agencies. During that time and under the pseudonym pintaycolorea she created vj and video performances that would take her to travel to numerous festivals in Europe and to participate in the organization of the first "live performers meeting".

In 2009 she moved to Paris and created Los Patos, together with Matteo Mastronardi, a multidisciplinary creative studio, "360 degrees of visual happiness". In those years they bring all of their creative experience to numerous brands and projects from the worlds of fashion, architecture, restoration and events.

Ines currently lives between Asturias and Paris, returning a little to her original passion, drawing which has taken a central place in this more reflective and mature period. Light and bold colours in the depiction of strong women return, perfectly imperfect.


Ines' latest series of paintings on paper, "imperfectly perfect" depict her although they are not strictly self-portraits but capture micro moments and remind us to accept the way we are.

Of this series, the artist says "They are all part of me, externalized parts of me, my being, my defects, joys, sorrows, achievements, contempt, efforts, awards... and the way they face the viewer straight on remind me that everything one has lived is there, that the journey is the most important and that that criticism and comments, prejudices, are not worth it."

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