Integrating the values from colors or luminosity allows me to obtain volumetric shapes through the amount of darkness and light perceived for each piece based on its color, altering it with the addition of white or black, searching the meeting of light and shade, all with the aim of creating impossible volumes.

This impossibility allows me to play with the viewer's perspective, the vision of the viewer as they interpret what they see becomes decisive for the objective of the work, showing the end result of an objectified idea and emotion that depend on personal perception of the observer.

"The way in which Fabián Solymar found his style is simpler than it is believed. The challenge of a graffiti artist is to turn letters into art. From the word he jumped to geometry. Then the selection of colors and shades completed the fusion of the images. He distorted the letters of his pseudonym so much that one day he recognized there was something else. And he called his style geometric abstraction of typography."

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