"I currently sculpt larger-than-life melted treats, such as Ice Cream Cones, Lollipops and Popsicles. Recently, I added a series of bananas to the mix too. One of my inspirations has been Double Rainbows which are rare and intriguing and a favorite subject for many years now.... Recently I also created a more blended rainbow with double the stripes which doubled my workload as these delicate beauties take 12-13 days to make, where the classic rainbows take only about 7-8 days. Of course, you know I enjoy every minute I get to work on these!

Everything is made from cast resin, which is medium that I discovered about 15 years ago. Once I got my hands on this mysterious new material it was instant love. Someone asked me recently why I love resin so much. I mean, it’s messy, toxic and notoriously difficult to use. The challenge is what interests me. Overcoming obstacles, making mistakes then fixing them, being challenged by environmental conditions, injuries, studio disasters. These are all daily occurrences. In the end, I’m left with this beautiful, nostalgic, colorful, glittery sculpture. It’s a love affair."

“Resin – I love it. It’s beautiful, sexy, mysterious. There’s just something about it I can’t resist. I dream about it. I want to touch it. I want to eat it."

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