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Born in Oviedo in 1981, Alicia Guirao finished her training at the Fine Arts School of Madrid and the Technical School of Photography Athens where she specialized in video and photography. Back in Madrid she took a master's in theater set design. Afterwards she worked in Berlin on a stop motion film with the producers of Animas Films. Since then she has collaborated in a variety of art projects as a vj, art director, photographer, performer and painter.

For more than a decade, Alicia has been documenting the work of artists such as Anish Kapoor, Miquel Barceló or Piranbessi for a series of Factum Arte international publications and exhibitions, an opportunity that gave her the chance to get well acquainted with many places of cultural and artistic interest across Europe and North Africa. Simultaneously, she has collaborated with other artists and creatives such as Yllana, Impromadrid, Vicor Coyote, Carmen Vela, Laptopsrus, VjSpain, Chicvo Trópico, in a diverse range of art projects and scenery. In 2006, together with other creatives, she established the art collective Bonus-Extra with which she realized an extensive body of experimental artworks that have been exhibited at La Laboral Centro de Arte, Sala Borrón; El Hervidero de Cádiz, Estampa, FICX, Mula Fest, Art Madrid, etc.

Today she lives and works in Asturias where she has established an independent practice as a a painter and illustrator.


“I am currently working on a series of landscapes that have been described as pop style and that I have exhibited in Madrid at the Petit Palace Hotel Santa Bárbara, as part of the Hybrid art fair. I present a colourful vision of Asturian landscape, occasionally introducing the human figure as part of the essentially flat colour stains that combine creating a personal and simplified figurative image .

These paintings talk about my reunion with my Asturian roots and with the act of painting itself after 20 years working in Madrid and abroad practicing photography, video art, set design and the playful and multidisciplinary art practice of the collective Bonus-Extra where I submerge and tick in a colourful and informal aesthetics. I observe my surroundings with the soft look of the one that numbs and dazzles on the sunlight letting one self be carried away by the daily life in nature. I’m searching for a way to express through paint the emotional impact those landscapes of my childhood had on me and that I find extremely suggestive and inspiring by its natural strength, when you look at them on the sunny days the brights and colours can become really powerful; living on them or see other beings in those surroundings fills me with a calmed happiness, I would like to dive on it and I try to represent it approaching the shape and colours as an abstract combination of emotions which together compose a figurative landscape.”

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