Suit Up Trooper II | BNS | Street Art

Suit Up Trooper II | BNS | Street Art

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Artist: BNS 

Title: 'Suit Up Trooper II' 

Size: 91.44h x 61w x 3d cm (36h x 24w x 1.18d inches)

Media: Mixed media with vintage banknotes and antique newsprint on clear block, resin finish and custom walnut frame.

Unique work

'Suit Up Trooper II' is an original artwork by Mariano, a Buenos Aires-born, Brooklyn-based street artist known by his tag BNS.

'Suit Up Trooper II'  is part of a triptych consisting of three individual panels that work both as a set and individually. Darth Vader, Boba Fett and a Storm Trooper got their dress code on point. In the background of each of these pieces there are actual newsprints from NY | THE SUN edition of 1909 advertising suits and other gentlemen’s outfits from that time. There are also some layers that run through the three pieces connecting them, such as the image of the pyramid with the all seeing eye.

BNS draws inspiration from the energy of the city context in which he has always lived, be it Buenos Aires, New York or more recently Barcelona. Through his murals in urban spaces he is continuously leaving a vibrant imprint in the public space, letting his work flow on, as well as off, the streets.

Please note the visual simulations of the artwork in a domestic setting included in the photo gallery are provided purely as a visual reference and may not be to scale. If you have a specific space in mind for the artwork, you can email us with the details and we can create a mock up of your space with this specific artwork to scale for you.