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Gregorio Siem graduated in Environmental Studies at St Lawrence College, Kingston, Canada in 1982 and later in Philosophy from the Central University of Venezuela in 1987. In 2004 he obtained a Master in Contemporary Arte at the Armando Reverón Institute.

Gregorio has dedicated himself to sculpture since 1995, creating personal work that explores its possibilities of transformation that can be achieved in this medium. He has had a prolific career as a sculptor whose trajectory is recognized both in Venezuela and on the international scene.

Gregorio has exhibited frequently as part of solo and group shows both in Venezuela and abroad. Most recently, he has just participated in Art Basel Miami and the Houston Art Fair in the US and in France at the Realites Nouvelles Salon in Paris, at the Abstract Gallery Project as part of a group show called Cinetique II as well as at the Carré Latin Art Fair, also in Paris. Since 2006 he has been a member of the Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris, participating in various artistic experiences.


“Gregorio Siem's work takes us by surprise with the faultless production of polychrome mobile structures that are assembled in a variety of surfaces and whose elements are transformed into different shapes depending on the action of the audience. Depending on who encounters the work and who feels the need to touch, manipulate, move and play play with it, the sculpture becomes a different piece from the initial creation.

This appearance of perpetual renovation promotes constant change, shifting mathematical sets obsessively ordered by the artist inside a structured pattern of lines and colors, prevailing partners in each new form. This color display proves the most depurated technique of rigor, coherence and solidity. Siem’s basic premise at the moment of venturing into the creative process, when conceiving the construction and deconstruction of new codes, is based on everything that exists in the universe, and on how certain shapes remind us for example of the DNA and the human genome constitution, the fundamental definition of mankind.

Inside this condition of continuous metamorphosis, the transformation is produced from the codification to its shape, recreating new possibilities and maintaining the problem of change from its randomness and in analogy with reality itself, permeable from the ephemeral and from its changing condition. So it is that the resulting mutation is the reason for the work that by itself cannot happen, alienated to the contact with the other, who by its own impulse and will “rebuilds it”, giving it anew shape, as relative and temporal as the fundamental value that constitutes it.

Siem undertakes an evolving journey with many multiple plastic possibilities, proposing to make the spectator aware of the changes on every existence in this infinite, mysterious and yet unknown universe.






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