Aqua Sprinkle Pop #13 | Betsy Enzensberger | Sculpture

Aqua Sprinkle Pop #13 | Betsy Enzensberger | Sculpture

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Artist: Betsy Enzensberger

Title: Aqua Sprinkle Pop #13

Size: 12.7h x 7.6w x 7.62d cm (5h x 3w x 3d in)

Media: Resin, sprinkles, ink and wood

Unique work

This new collection is part of our autumn release and these works will ship from mid-November

'Aqua Sprinkle Pop #13' is a brand new 100% hand-made, resin sculpture by Betsy Enzensberger. Each sculpture is unique and cannot be exactly replicated. They are all signed and dated on the bottom and are packed in a gift box.

American artist Betsy Enzensberger has become well known for her realistic, larger-than-life sculptures of dripping, frozen treats and other sweet-toothed delights. 

Resin looks like candy. It looks delicious and sweet. The shiny exterior has a wet, melting quality. Her Melting series relies on the childlike lure of sweet, sticky lollipops and popsicles to artificially instil intense desire. The colorful confections practically beg to be rescued and consumed. Bringing the kitsch, pop art theme to the 3D realm, her sculptures have a tangible, irresistible quality that delight the onlooker.

“Resin – I love it. It’s beautiful, sexy, mysterious. It’s also toxic, messy, and extremely labour intensive to sculpt. There’s just something about it I can’t resist. I dream about it. I want to touch it. I want to eat it.”

Care: Dust with air or wipe with a damp cloth. Resin will become soft when hot and brittle when cold. Please keep your sculptures inside, as sun can damage the materials.