Betsy Enzensberger Lockdown Special

California based artist Betsy Enzensberger answers our lockdown special:

Right now I am…. cuddling my two dogs, one of which I rescued during the quarantine, the other was rescued 14 years ago.

At the moment I am working on… a new textured series which is even more labor intensive than the rest of my work. I call it “Ultra Drippy” because there are drips upon drips upon drips of colorful resin.

Over the course of lockdown, I have challenged myself to… redo my entire website from scratch, learn how to make a GIF, meditate.

My proudest moment during lockdown has been… feeling gratitude for what I do have rather than feeling bad about what I have lost due to all of this.

Lockdown has been great for my creativity because… my day job has been put on hold giving me lots of extra time to focus on new work

When I’m stuck for ideas I usually… just walk into my studio and inhale. The second smell the resin, I need to create.

I have always been fascinated by artists who… continue to make their own work even after becoming established. There are fewer and fewer these days, it seems.

The biggest thing I have learnt in lockdown is… patience

My first job was… I worked at an ice cream shop for three years in high school. Honestly, I hadn’t thought of that being significant until right now. Suddenly, it all makes sense how I ended up here 🤣

My guilty pleasure over lockdown has been… Justin’s White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.

Over lockdown I’ve found myself cooking… vegan mushroom pasta. Yum!

My lockdown routine includes…. wake a 5-5:30am, feed the dogs, drink coffee, work in studio 6:00am until I get tired. I’ve always found those quiet morning hours to be my most productive

I am currently reading demystifying the Out of Body Experience (by Luis Minero)

If I was offered a billion dollars on the condition I had to give it all away, I would… I wouldn’t have to be required to give it all away, I would have chosen that anyway. It’s crossed my mind more than once that if I ever won the lottery, I would fill up my niece and nephews college funds, then give the rest to charities benefitting sick children. I’ve chosen to not have any children myself, but my heart hurts when I hear about a child that is sick.

Post-lockdown, the first place I plan to travel to is… I can’t think that far ahead. Trying to focus on what is happening right now.

If air travel was no longer possible I would… be absolutely heartbroken. Travel is a passion of mine and I don’t plan to live in the US forever

If I were a superhero I would be… someone who fly around and sprinkles holographic rainbow glitter on people, which instantly makes them smile.

Now is the time for artists to go digital because…. it’s the future of the art world.

Visit artist Betsy Enzensberger's Gallery to see her beautiful sculptures.

Betsy Enzensberger in her studio