Artist Lantomo Lockdown Special

Artist Lantomo shares with us what she has been up to during the period of lockdown.

Right now I am … at the studio, drawing and writing answers about lockdown

At the moment I am working on…  a series of big, circular drawings about the isolation, and learning a new technique to include water in my graphite drawings.

Over the course of lockdown, I have challenged myself to… not lose patience, stay calm and continue working with inspiration.

My proudest moment during lockdown has been… having fixed the door to my daughter's room...

My biggest mistake this year was… not traveling to my country at Christmas to see my family.

Recently I’ve been inspired by the work of… artists Arinze, Ivan Franco Fraga, Jaime Valero.

Lockdown has been great for my creativity because ... I've had fewer distractions and I've been more focused.

When I’m stuck for ideas I usually… I'm going to swim or see the sea. In lockdown it was impossible, so I tried to think of something else and relax by myself.

I have always been fascinated by artists who… can continue working on the same works for months. I get tired of myself long time before, and I need a change.

Lockdown inspires me to try a new way of working because… I have been able to work without worrying so much about the timing and schedule

The biggest thing I have learnt in lockdown is... the great pleasure of spending more time with my family, and always remembering to put priorities in order.

Lantomo's unique drawing 'Tag Crown'

Lantomo's 'Tag Crown' presented in situ


When I was a child I dreamt of… probably to live drawing as I do.

My first job was… store clerk.

My first big love was… my father.

The first piece of art I ever bought was… a print of the artist Chamo San.

My favourite record cover of all time is…  impossible choice… maybe the minimalism of Patti Smith in “horses” , or one of the vintage covers of Belle & Sebastian.

The best film/series I have seen in lockdown is… probably the series Devs. I love Science Fiction!

If I could see any musician (past or present) performing live, it would be... Fabrizio de André, without a doubt.

In the film of my life I would like to be played by… one of Miyazaki´s animated characters, like Ponyo or Kiki.

My Avatar would be… the Japanese lucky cat Maneki neko.

My guilty pleasure over lockdown has been… chips and ice cream.

Over lockdown I’ve found myself cooking… pizza and fresh pasta, like a good Italian!

My lockdown routine includes…. have a good time with my little girl, some yoga, drawing a lot, cooking and a nap.

The last thing I do before I go to bed each night is… read a comic book not to think about serious things.

The last thing I dreamt in lockdown was…. to leave home, go to a party, forget that there was a pandemic, and not take precautions ... panic.

I am currently reading… La Carte et le Territoire of Michel Houellebecq

If I could be a mythical creature I would be…. a unicorn to make my daughter happy.

My grandmother always said  La préma galéna cla cânta la j à fat l’öv (an expression in Romagna's dialect).

If I was offered a billion dollars on the condition I had to give it all away, I would…  donate it to Open Arms.

Post-lockdown, the first place I plan to travel to is… Italy.

If air travel was no longer possible I would… travel by car.

If I were a superhero I would be… Sister Night of Watchmen.

And my costume would be… totally black.

If my art could work for a worthy cause, I would dedicate it to… consciousness about female condition.

I imagine the post-lockdown future to be… I have no idea!

If I could live in any one period of time, I would choose… the 50s.

The craziest thing I have done this year was… leave my old studio forever and settle in a new one, only for me.

If I were to get a tattoo to remember my lockdown experience, it would be… a small plant, free to grow even with his feet trapped in the ground.

Now is the time for artists to go digital because…. whether we want to or not, we need it to be able to reach various corners of the world without moving. So as not to just link ourselves to a physical space.

We artists have the responsibility to overcome our limits, to be an amplifier, to... break barriers and prejudices through aesthetic expression.


They say fact is stranger than fiction because … most people are capable of many stupid things!

If I wasn’t so busy making art I would like to… have more time to relax and travel. Cook more, I love to cook. And more art obviously!

In the next year I hope to achieve… more balance between profession and personal life. Keep my family happy. In my profession, to improve my technique, reinforce my style, have a lot of inspiration.... and make more money with my artistic work!