Wategoes | Alberto Sanchez | Photography

Wategoes | Alberto Sanchez | Photography

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Artist: Alberto Sanchez

Title: 'Wategoes'  

This photographic artwork, which is hand-painted from a black and white image and is a unique work of art, is available in two sizes:

XLL 120x195cm - 9 only from the same base image; each is hand-coloured from a black and white image and is a unique work of art. 120h x 195w x 4d cm (47.24h x 76.77w x 1.57d inches)
XL 90x180cm - 9 only from the same base imageeach is hand-coloured from a black and white image and is a unique work of art.  90h x 180w x 4d cm (35.43h x 70.87w x 1.57d inches)

Media: Hand-Painted photograph (including: spray and acrylic paint, ink, metallic leaf, pencil). Archival pigment print on fine art paper, resin coated and mounted on Dibond.

Note: If you prefer to acquire this work as an unframed hand-coloured photograph (before it is mounted & resined) so as to frame it according to your own preferences, do not hesitate to contact us. The price will be lower as it can be shipped rolled in a tube. 

'Wategoes' is an original artwork by Spanish-Australian award-winning artist Alberto Sanchez. He prints, hacks and re-invents his own photographs using a unique hand colouring technique, creating his highly personal form of magic realism where photographic documentary is meshed with improbable landscapes. His work explores the notions of urban expansionism, capitalism and how individuals express themselves in an increasingly overloaded sensorial environment.

Alberto’s unique hand-coloured artworks have been gaining increased popularity over the last few years. The artist travels the world with his unique vision, taking photographs in black and white of the cities and landscapes that captivate him. Each work is then uniquely hand-coloured by the artist and is an original work of art.

The original image was photographed in Byron Bay, Australia, by the artist.

Please note the visual simulations of the artwork in a domestic setting included in the photo gallery are provided purely as a visual reference and may not be to scale. If you have a specific space in mind for the artwork, you can contact us with the details and we can create a mock up of your space with this specific artwork to scale for you.