Training Day | Nicole Tijoux | Painting
Training Day | Nicole Tijoux | Painting

Training Day | Nicole Tijoux | Painting

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Artist: Nicole Tijoux

Title: Training Day

Size: 87h x 135w x 4d cm (34,25h x 53.15w x 1.6d in)

Media: Oil on Canvas

Frame: This work is offered framed.

Unique work

"For CONTEXT Art Miami I have created a series of six paintings where I attempt to explore two visual discourses, the fluidity of movement and the parallel distortion, almost deformation, of the swimmer's features to the point of almost merging with the water and the frozen stillness where the water becomes transparent and crystal clear.

The first discourse of the fluidity of movement in the water is explored particularly in two paintings, "In the Waterfall" and "Self-Portrait". In these paintings I wanted to give more space to the underworld of color that appears when approaching each corner of the body and how these colors blend with the reflections from the exterior of the pool, the interior color of the pool and sunlight, forming many long, extended, misshapen, blurry and elastic spots.

Shapes that try to talk about how this human figure merges with the water, assembling abstract compositions, which only from afar are separated into swimmer and pool.

The second discourse of the distortion of the swimmer's features is explored in "Golden Hair", "Leaf Floating in the Dawn" and "Training Day". These three paintings seek to reproduce accurately details of the precise moment in which this photograph was taken and how certain details drew my eye in such a way that they evoke the sensation of that moment." 
Nicole Tijoux, 2021

'Training Day' is a new artwork by Nicole Tijoux, an award-winning artist from Chile, whose work focusses on the visual transformations that occur when the human figure interacts with water. Water and background act as a veil for the human body and the vast expanses of space that encapsulate the form are explored in her beautifully composed and rendered paintings. Her work attempts to address the concept of changing states and the immediacy of this visual change, captivating a moment and translating it onto the canvas.
The expansive spaces within her paintings are there to communicate the smallness and insignificance of the human form in relation to the vastness of the ocean and all that it encapsulates. Nicole's works address ideas of space, silence and solitude, where our visual form blends with the water.

Note: This work is offered framed and mounted on a stretcher, but for international shipping, as it is painted in oil on canvas, the painting can be removed from the frame and stretcher and sent rolled in a tube. This could result in lower shipping fees. Please contact us if this is of interest

Please note the visual simulations of the artwork in a domestic setting included in the photo gallery are provided purely as a visual reference and may not be to scale. If you have a specific space in mind for the artwork, you can email us with the details and we can create a mock up of your space with this specific artwork to scale for you.