Something Comes from Above | Alessandro Casetti | Painting

Something Comes from Above | Alessandro Casetti | Painting

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Artist: Alessandro Casetti

Title: Something Comes from Above 

Size: 170h x 125w x 5d cm (66.9h x 49.2w x 2d in)

Media: Mixed media on board

Frame: This work is offered unframed, mounted on board. Please contact us if you would like us to arrange framing..

Unique work

'Something Comes from Above' is a new artwork by Italian artist Alessandro Casetti.

"To create my works I used industrial paints, mainly water and white spirit enamels that I apply by gravity on wood or canvas. By drying on the support, the colors take on different shapes and textures, yes they thicken and crack, creating the effect of crackle (or craquelé). The work therefore becomes material, alive. And the sensation is that of having, in front of your eyes, something infinitely large or infinitely small; vision satellite of the planet, the cracks of the parched earth, fossils of ancient lakes; or maybe, on the opposite side of the spectrum, the slow progress of mold seen through a microscope. The macrocosm and the microcosm in dialogue, mixing and merging."

Painter, singer and musician, Alessandro Casetti was born in Bagno di Romagna in the Italian province of Forli/Cesena in 1981. Alessandro graduated from the Art Institute of Sansepolcro and attended the Fine Arts Academy in Florence.

Alessandro has been exhibiting his work since 2002, first at the Mentana art gallery in Florence and from then on, in galleries across Italy and Europe, including cities like London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Bologna, Roma, Parma, Milan, as well as Taiwan, Brazil and the USA. 

In 2013 Alessandro was appointed Vice President and painting teacher in the Arts Factory Project, an experimental Art Academy, located in an evocative villa in the hills of Romagna and led by the sculptor Roberto Giordani. He has also participated in a series of international residencies in San Francisco, California, and at Government Camp, Oregon, U.S.A., and in same year, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.