Cowgirl | Kareem Rizk | Mixed Media

Cowgirl | Kareem Rizk | Mixed Media

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Artist: Kareem Rizk

Title: Cowgirl 

Size: 80h x 80w x 5d cm (31.5h x 31.5w x 2d in)

Media: Collage, acrylic and gel transfers on cradled birch wood panel

Frame: The work is offered unframed but mounted on a birch wood panel. Contact us if you would like us to arrange framing.

Unique work

'Cowgirl' is an original artwork by Kareem Rizk an Australian born self-taught collage and mixed media artist now living and working in Denmark. Informed by his background in graphic design, his affinity for typography and his interest in re-purposing printed ephemera, Kareem’s highly-textured and multi-layered works evolve from an intersection where fine art and design cross over.

“As I explore the printed remnants of the promises of post-war culture and advertising, I reach for weathered elements and found imagery that resonate with me both on a visual and emotional level. My aim is to construct tactile representations of transitory feelings or visions that emerge as I sift through an ever growing collection of collage material. I allow my source material to present aesthetic directions in a process of cutting and pasting that is free flowing and immediate, but at the same time visually coherent and deliberate.

I arrange, rearrange, crop, cut, fold, tear, scratch and peel back selected pieces to find interesting connections that reveal an ongoing visual dialogue between graphic design and fine art. After every selected piece of collage is eventually glued down into place through a series of calculated movements, it is the viewer who ultimately completes the work by constructing their own individual stories based on what they observe.” 

Please note the visual simulations of the artwork in a domestic setting included in the photo gallery are provided purely as a visual reference and may not be to scale. If you have a specific space in mind for the artwork, email us with the details and we can create a mock up of your space with this specific artwork to scale for you.