Killer Queen SQ | BNS | Street Art

Killer Queen SQ | BNS | Street Art

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Artist: BNS 

Title: 'Killer Queen SQ' 

Size: 61h x 61w x 4d cm (24h x 24w x 1.57d in)

Media: Mixed Media on Wood finished in Resin (Silkscreen, acrylic, ink, and spray paint)

Frame: This work is painted on wood and shipped unframed. If you wish us to arrange additional framing, contact us.

Unique work

'Killer Queen SQ' is an original artwork by Mariano, a Buenos Aires-born, Brooklyn-based street artist known by his tag BNS. BNS draws inspiration from the energy of the city context in which he has always lived, be it Buenos Aires, New York or more recently Barcelona. Through his murals in urban spaces he is continuously leaving a vibrant imprint in the public space, letting his work flow on, as well as off, the streets.

BNS pulls iconic images from popular culture into a frenzied burst of color and dry humor, from bespoke-suited Stormtroopers to a tatted-out Audrey Hepburn. He combines aerosol paint, acrylic, silkscreen, ink and photography into his non-stationary work.

BNS’ expressive style originates from his study of urban scenes and from the graffiti and street art culture; his works are characterized by the addition of numerous layers of material where he combines a broad range of media and techniques including spray paint, acrylic, silkscreen, stencil, transfers, ink, and photography.

Please note the visual simulations of the artwork in a domestic setting included in the photo gallery are provided purely as a visual reference and may not be to scale. If you have a specific space in mind for the artwork, you can email us with the details and we can create a mock up of your space with this specific artwork to scale for you.