Collection: Quarantine - Nicole Tijoux

Painting during the recent lockdown in London, artist Nicole Tijoux has created a new body of work inspired by this unexpected situation. She has written about this experience of working in her studio:

Isolation and silence are the words coming up in my mind when I think about and look at the new paintings that I have been working in this quarantine. The deformation of the swimmer is now placed in a different water, more colorful, with other kind of light. This new environment come from dreams that I had, possible places with another climate (not the one that we know) and with another light.

I use some of my photos as a reference to create this new paintings, especially the ones when the light and its reflections on the surface of the water activates our ways of seeing in many different forms: the sunlight bouncing incandescently leaving you dazzled, human figures merging with the sea until they almost disappear, pool or dense aqueous medium dissolving such figures into fragments. This references I try to transform in colorful and saturated paintings, maybe trying to make some visual noise as a reply to the silence of this isolation.

Nicole Tijoux was born in Santiago de Chile and graduated with a Master's Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Chile, with a scholarship awarded by FONDART. Subsequently Nicole was awarded residencies by the Sam and Adele Golden Foundation in New Berlin, New York, United States in 2016, and by Artemarca in Illabela, Brasil in 2017. Nicole has exhibited regularly in Chile and and abroad, most notably her recent 'Apnea' solo exhibition at the 'Centro de Extension' Gallery, University Catholic of Santiago, Chile.

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