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Alberto Sanchez Reinvents the Wheel

You know his signature rainbow kaleidoscopes of colour, layered over the obscured black and white photograph of the metropolis you call home.  Sometimes over two metres long, Alberto’s gargantuan panoramas are often found at the heart of our exhibitions.

hampstead_AAF_17_MG_0675-Edit hampstead_AAF_17_MG_0736-Edit

This year, Alberto created Valiente Alegria – The Installation, completely redefining the designs we envision when we hear his name. Valiente Alegria – The Installation has captivated our audiences from London to Hong Kong to New York City, and the series with the Hong Kong photograph as its base sold out in just 10 days.

hampstead_AAF_17_MG_0770-Edit hampstead_AAF_17_MG_0788-Edit

This phenomenal piece of art is actually eighteen individual artworks that when arranged together unveil the Hong Kong harbour in all it’s expansive beauty.  As one walks past this artwork, you experience something that could be likened to the blooming of a flower; this artwork reveals itself slowly, as each panel is of a different raised or lowered depth and requires your own movement to see past the highest panels.

There is no digital enhancement to the base image; it is simply a black and white photograph taken by Alberto Sanchez, featuring his own extraordinary way of hand painting a fragmented, sweeping rainbow across and through this vibrant city.

Alberto is back in the studio and the secret is out: He is creating a new version of this puzzle style concept, this time featuring a photograph of London.  Already one in the series is sold and it has not even been made yet, so if this might be something you would like to add to your collection, please email us right away!  You can reach us at tegan[at]retrospectgalleries[dot]com for more information.

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