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Senior Lecturer Reviews Jessica Watts’ Artwork

Griffith University’s Richard Blundell wrote a beautiful review on Jessica Watts’ artwork.  We share that feeling of serenity and peacefulness that he finds in her work.

“The Buddhist expression ‘the mind is a painter’ speaks about the nature of consciousness. Watts’ paintings possess a meditative quality, exhibit contemporary here-and-now values, encapsulate ideas about ‘being’ and ‘becoming’, possess a sense of attachment and detachment, and powerfully encapsulate the qualities of emergence as a state of nowness.

Like meditative chanting, Watts’ paintings evoke mindfulness. Each artwork has a harmonic and sensory value that parallels the stillness of a garden. The artist’s repetitive working and re-working of her themes of wallpaper, the female body, flowers, and birds is like a personal mantra.

I have found an awakening in these paintings that I think others will recognise.”

Richard Blundell October 2015

Richard Blundell FDIA Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University

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