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Head Over Heels
Single Sunflower
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Felicia Aroney


Born in Western Australia from a Greek family, Felicia’s greatest influences are drawn from the fusion of her rich Australian upbringing and her European background.

 Combining a feeling of antiquity akin to aged European buildings and the great Australian environment she creates richly textured and unique paintings. In addition, the beautiful animated Fairy Wrens, an Australian garden bird, are incorporated into her works giving them a gentle beauty. In combining both her European influences and the Australian wrens, she is in a sense marrying her two heritages together.

In Felicia’s most current work she has explored the wondrous textures and shapes of flowers and leaves. Her work requires great patience and delicacy. Felicia etches and builds thick layers of paint forming an interesting play on light and shade creating a real physical presence. 

2014 is proving to be an exciting year for Felicia.

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She has just completed her first International project with Napoleon Perdis (cosmetics) launching a make up bag featuring her work available in Australia and USA. She too is represented by six major Australian Art Galleries and Napoleon`s Life Style stores. In 2013 She was feature artist at NSW Balmain Art fair, this year she too was invited to exhibit at the entrance of NSW Parliament House. Her work is in private collections in Australia, USA and Asia. 

Felicia graduated with honors in Graphic Design and Fine arts and Curtin University WA.


I had a wonderful upbringing in Perth Western Australia where my Greek heritage held great value. On my many visits to Greece I found myself restlessly standing around the cobbled streets whilst my parents would chat away with the locals. I was an imaginative child and found myself staring quite intensely at the old and decaying walls that abounded in the village we had visited.

One thing that struck me were the many peeling areas of aging paint, that curled off the wall, exposing the hidden layers of what was once a different coloured building. The evidence that the building once had a different heart beat intrigued me. It reminded me of the passing of time. It also visually appealed to me in terms of antiquity, for antiquity has so much charm.

These thoughts and observations are translated and demonstrated in some of my paintings. With a palette knife I try and recreate the elements that intrigued me, leaving glimpses of colour peeping through the many layers and like an aged building, giving it`s old existence some form of ever lasting life.

The Australian garden bird the Fairy Wren, have been applied to my work for two reasons. Firstly I love the fact they appear so communicative. I once worked at “Walt Disney” and was intrigued by the wondrous play of animals. By placing the Australian Fairy Wren on my Greek influenced background, I am in a sense marrying my two heritages together.


1987 | Penrhos College Perth WA 1987
1992 | Graphic Design degree ( with honours) Curtin University WA
1992 | Fine Arts Minor Curtin University WA


2014 | Roving exhibition with Napoleon Perdis
2014 | Solo Exhibition Sydney Childrens Hospital NSW
2013 | Invitation to exhibit at NSW Parliament House
2013 | Waverley Art Prize Finalist
2013 | Balmain Art Fair feature artist
2013 | Walker St Gallery VIC Finalist


2014 | Napoleon Perdis Lifestyle Store (Solo) Australia
2014 | Napoleon Perdis Lifestyle store (Solo) VIC Australia
2014 | Gadfly Gallery (Solo)WA
2014 | Milk Factory Gallery (Solo)NSW
2014 | Sydney Childrens Hospital (Solo)NSW
2014 | Gadfly Gallery WA February (group) WA
2014 | Tusk Gallery VIC
2014 | Milk Factory Gallery NSW “Magpie exhibit” NSW
2014 | Art2Muse Gallery NSW
2014 | St Thomas Art Fair NSW
2014 | Lindfield Art fair NSW
2014 | Canterbury Art fair VIC
2014 | Balmain Art fair NSW
2013 | Balmain Art Fair (Feature artist) NSW
2013 | Art2Muse Gallery Group NSW
2013 | Art2Muse (Solo) NSW
2013 | Tusk Gallery (duo) VIC
2013 | Girls with Gems Exhibition NSW
2013 | Chapman and Bailey Gallery VIC
2013 | Walker St Gallery VIC
2013 | Parliament House NSW
2013 | Milk Factory Gallery NSW
2013 | Lindfield Art Fair NSW
2013 | Waverley Art Prize NSW
2013 | Cam Art VIC
2013 | Australian Art Show Melbourne VIC
2013 | Kings Art Fair NSW
2013 | Australian Art Show Sydney
2013 | Balmain Art Fair NSW
2013 | Art2Muse Gallery NSW
2012 | Chapman and Bailey Gallery VIC
2012 | Art2Muse (Solo) NSW
2012 | Art2Muse Gallery NSW
2012 | Milk Factory Gallery NSW
2012 | Balmain Art Fair NSW
2012 | Sydney Art Expo NSW
2012 | Tusk Gallery VIC
2012 | Graphic Impressions Gallery VIC
2012 | Art Melbourne VIC
2012 | Greek Art Exhibition Art2Muse Gallery NSW
2012 | Sydney art Month NSW
2012 | Brunswick Gallery VIC
2011 | Art2Muse Gallery (Solo) NSW
2011 | Tanjent Gallery SA
2011 | Tusk Gallery VIC
2011 | Art Melbourne VIC
2011 | Art Sydney NSW
2010 | Art Melbourne VIC
2010 | Art Sydney NSW
2009 | Art Sydney NSW
2009 | Portsea Gallery VIC
2009 | Manyung Gallery VICuse Gallery NSW


Australia, Asia and USA


Joint project with Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics (Felicia`s painting image used on make-up bags for Australia and USA).
2014 | Roving exhibition at all Napoleon Life-Style stores
2014 | Solo exhibition at Sydney Childrens Hospital NSW (60% sales donated)
2014 | Guest speaker to 150 ladies charity function.
2014 | The New York Times USA 13/2/12
2014 | Article on Felicia Aroney; Sydney Sun Herald 9/2/14
2014 | Article on Felicia Aroney; Age Newspaper VIC 8/2/14
2014 | pages digital.com. Article on Felicia (lifestyle)
2014 | Trova Article on Felicia
2014 | Urban List Article on Felicia
2014 | Ok Magazine Article on Felicia
2014 | Michael Brown Article on Felicia
2014 | Myers and David Jones catalogues AUS
2014 | Napoleon Concept store USA editorial
2014 | Media launch Napoleon Lifestyle NSW
2014 | Australia InStyle Magazine February edition
2014 | Moda De La Mode Magazine Australia
2013 | Moda De La Mode Magazine Australia
2013 | Balmain Local Magazine NSW
2013 | Wentworth Courier Magazine NSW
2013 | Sydney Morning Herald NSW
2013 | Australian Art Collector Magazine
2013 | Sydney Australian Art Fair media
2012 | OPAH Magazine Australia (3 page article)
2012 | Art Month NSW media

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