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Ben Crawford


Born in Cork, Ireland, Ben graduated in 2007 with a BA in Fine Art. He now lives in northern New South Wales with his wife and daughter, painting from his studio situated on an organic banana plantation. The colours, textures, lines, exotic fauna and flora of the local countryside permeate his canvases. Although his paintings often rife on the landscape, they aren’t constrained by its traditions. Elements of surrealism and a semi- autobiographical narrative are also present in much of Ben’s body of work. In addition to these more figurative references, the abstract quality of paint itself informs a lot of the decision making in his painting process.

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Painting is, for me anyway, a bit like when someone tells you a really great story and you try to retell it again but it comes out a little distorted; perhaps half the details aren’t right, some of the names have changed, the introduction has moved countries and the punchline is longer. Similarly, I paint half remembered images, memories and stories that are garbled up in my brain and then come out in a reimagined, reprocessed state, familiar yet strange. It is frustrating, exciting and a challenge every time, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

2007 | BA in Fine Art (1st Class Honors) Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork


2010 | ‘Happiness’ Group exhibition, The Lavit Gallery, Cork
2010 | ‘Winter Show’ Group exhibition, The Lavit Gallery, Cork
2008 | Crackpots Gallery, Kinsale
2008 | CASe ‘08 , Group show, The Lavit Gallery, Cork
2008 | “The sheer unspeakable strangeness of being here at all” , Solo exhibition, Shaw Gallery, Cork
2007 | Fledglings, Group exhibition, The Lavit Gallery, Cork
2007 | Joan Clancy Gallery, Recent Grads exhibition, Dungarvan
2007 | RDS Student Art Awards, Group exhibition, Dublin
2007 | Crawford College of Art & Design Degree Exhibition

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