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Adam Harriden


While living in New York in 2012, renowned Australian artist Adam Harriden came across an old man taking pictures of tourists on the sidewalk using on a vintage Polaroid camera. Struck by the power of the images captured by such a supposedly outdated contraption, he immediately scoured the East Village’s vintage markets for his own, eventually deciding on a dilapidated 1968 103 Polaroid LAND camera.

After restoring his weapon of choice Harriden began the painstaking process of learning to take pictures with a technology so old and temperamental that in order to get the landscape images he wanted, he had to install a darkroom in the back of his car. “And even then”, he explains, “Only one in ten photos would work.”

After months perfecting his technique – rolling film by hand onto photographic paper on-site – Adam finally ended up with a stunning, painterly photographic product that he now looks forward to sharing with the world. Focused primarily on iconic subjects connected to water, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Coney Island and Santa Barbara Pier.

Since arriving back in Australia his work has focused on his local beach side community and their connection with the ocean. Adam is also attempting to take his technique off the land and into the water.

Each carefully hand crafted image offers both a glimpse into another era and a refreshing counterpoint to today’s era of instant digital photography and Instagram.

His career highlights to date include being exhibited in the Museum Of Contemporary Art Melbourne, the Art Takes Times Square show in New York and creating a private collection for Italian brand Sillettie, for their new experience space Sydney, and art being purchased by Keanu Reeves and Sass n Bide.

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For me the ocean possesses the biggest challenge of my life, working with non water proof equipment, a subject matter that moves, elements controlling my output. The ocean is in one word, challenging. My life is based around the sea, myself, and my family live work and play all within it’s beauty. For me beauty can be shown as something not so perfect. My work aims to take you into the water, a personal view that places you at the moment, like when you first feel water rush up your legs as you enter the ocean.


2000 | Certificate 3 in Fine Arts


2016 | The Oceans Stamp- @ Green Cathdral Design House Noosa

2016 | The Darker Side – A Portrait Series Into The Worlds Best Surfers

@ Noosa Bay 25 year Anniversay Surf Festival

2016 | Palms Of The Sky @ Milton Traders, NSW

2015 | The Voice Within @ Selletti Design House

2015 | Creativity Within @ Clemmenger Group

2015 | Sails @ Belgrave Cartel

2014 | People Of The Cub @Nevermind

2014 | We Live In small Spaces

2014 | Art Takes Times Square-@Times Square New York

2013 | Palmer St Galleries 2013- @ MTV Studios East Sydney

2013 | Palmer St Galleries-20/20/20

2013 | Australian Museum Of Contemporary Art Melbourne

2012 | That Little Voice @ Blank Space Sydney

2012 | Mixed Works @ Spring Court Darlinghurst

2012 | General Pants Sydney


2014 | McGrath The Weekly Magazine

2014 | Creative Challenge NYC trip


Adam Harriden’s art is included in many private collections in Australia and overseas, including a private collection for italian brand Sillettie, for their new experience space Sydney, and art purchased by Keanue Reeves and Sass n Bide.

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