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Moody and broody | Meet our newest artist, Lee Wise

If you’re from the East Coast of Australia, you’ll have witnessed airy sunlight and anxious clouds playing an endless game of cat-and-mouse over the past few weeks. Indeed, Mother Nature can be a moody overlord when she sees fit and lately her wraith has been uncompromising, emitting heinous winds and passionate storms to her hearts’ content.

dark-waters-31 (1) Through the trees

Endlessly fascinated with capturing the emotions of nature, we have been searching for an artist with a gift for documenting such landscapes. We would like to introduce to you this artist we found tucked away in the Gold Coast hinterlands: Mr Lee Wise.

Lee renders nature into exquisite fine works of oil on canvas. His palette, opaque and misty, lends itself to creating atmospheric tiers of mountains obscured by distance. Rivers curl softy through the trees and oceans churn under the still air that hovers after a storm.

Retrospect-Galleries_Lee-Wise_Springbrook 3 webWISE,Lee-Artist Image

Lee’s landscapes appear inspired by his surroundings in the hinterlands of Queensland, Australia. He originally hails from the UK, which may indicate the reasoning behind the brooding tones that seep through this entire collection. Since moving to Australia in 2008, he has become a full time artist and has swiftly amassed accolades like the Winner of the Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize and the Cliftons Art Prize Brisbane.

We’re so thrilled to represent Lee Wise in our gallery and at upcoming international art fairs. You can keep an eye on our blog for news and more details on these events, or subscribe to our newsletter on our homepage to have this information delivered directly to your inbox.


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