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Hagar Vardimon | Embroidery Magazine

Hagar Vardimon has had her fair share of time in the spotlight recently!  An article in Embroidery Magazine delves into her the thoughts and processes behind her trademark works on fibre.

AHagar Vardimon Press copy. Emroidery Magazinen excerpt from: HAGAR VAARDIMON-VAN HEUMMEN

I am a self taught artist.  I started working with thread after my daughter was born (ten happy years ago).  Until then I used to paint with oil and acrylic on big canvases. My primary inspiration for working with thread has to do with my mother.  She is an amazing weaver, working on a huge wooden loom.  There were always baskets full of hand-dyed yarn, with rich, deep colours and wonderful (and sometimes strange) smells.  So, looking back, it all started from there. Having no formal training is a huge source of relief for me.  I feel free to experiment, to invent, and create my own method and path (a feeling I didn’t have when I was painting).  I’m experimenting a lot – with lots of trial and error.  In my studio, I have boxes of and drawers full with all sorts of experiments with threads, textile and paper.  I clearly enjoy the process of discovering new ways of working. My work is an exploration of creating pegs and anchors through memories.  These memories are mostly in the shape of photographs.  Working with threads in this process of searching creates new narrative and connects my past and present.  When I start a series of work or a new project, the stitched thread is an integral part of my way of thinking about my work.


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