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Ben Crawford | September Artist of the Month

Ben Crawford was the obvious choice to present as our Artist of the Month this September.

If Neverland is a place, Ben Crawford must have once been a Lost Boy.  It seems to be the only explanation for his painted landscapes that sit comfortably somewhere between somewhere between a Disney fairy tale and the lands of Middle Earth.

Each artwork depicts a different district from the last.  One piece featuring a crooked mountain, layered of burnt reds, purples and flecked with gold is an undeniable tribute to Mount Warning that looms over Tweed, the town that Ben calls home.  A storm cracks through the air in another; the paint bruised and raw, rivulets pooling at the base of the mountain.  In the last artwork, a Yeti has a tea party by the river.  Yes, you heard me correctly.

There is a magic in the colours that Ben chooses that adds mystery and attitude to each artwork. Electric pinks and red skies over mustard boulders signal that Autumn is in full swing, and in the next, the deep night prevails while the vines and trees glow green and blue.  It is impossible not to let your mind wander through each realm that Ben has created, although, he does cite that he is somewhat riffing off the landscapes around his own home.

“Painting is, for me anyway, a bit like when someone tells you a really great story and you try to retell it again but it comes out a little distorted; perhaps half the details aren’t right, some of the names have changed, the introduction has moved countries and the punchline is longer.  I paint half remembered images, memories and stories that are garbled up in my brain and then come out in a reimagined, reprocessed state, familiar yet strange. It is frustrating, exciting and a challenge every time, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

We are so thrilled to be putting Ben Crawford in the spotlight until 30th September.

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